Installing and deploying applications often requires much time and effort. But what if it can be done easier? Cloudlets Marketplace provides an automatic one-click installation of all the popular applications, tools, and services just in a few minutes.

In this article, we’ve gathered some stats, evaluating all the top applications and add-ons, installed by Cloudlets Australia platform users.

  1. WordPress Standalone is installed with a built-in kit for choosing optimal application servers and a set of advanced features for running websites and blogs. It is deployed as a lightweight standalone container with minimal allocated resources for cost efficiency. You can install the application with such features as:
  • LiteSpeed High-Performance Web Server
  • WordPress Brute Force Attack Protection
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Let's Encrypt SSL with Auto-Renewal
  • Lightning-Fast Premium CDN
  • WordPress Multisite Network

WordPress Cluster Kit installs a package creating an optimal environment for highly-loaded projects and production environments. In addition to the WordPress Standalone installation options, it also provides MariaDB Galera and GlusterFS cluster.

2. Jitsi is a free cross-platform software for instant text, voice messaging (Voice over IP, VoIP) and video chat. Within Cloudlets, Jitsi is deployed inside isolated containers with encrypted traffic. Customers choose Jitsi for:

  • wide community support
  • Easy set up and installation
  • Intuitive process calls arrangement as well as multi-meetings
  • High level of privacy and security
  • Support of Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android

3. Let’s Encrypt  -  free solution for automated SSL certificates issuing. To initiate the Let's Encrypt add-on installation from the Cloudlets Marketplace, - just select a required environment from the list and specify the attached External Domain(s).

4. Clusterized Magento automatically installs an auto scalable package for highly performed e-commerce projects. Main package features:

  • Varnish load balancer with NGINX server as HTTPS proxy
  • Scalable NGINX PHP app servers with preconfigured automatic horizontal scaling
  • MariaDB Cluster with asynchronous master-slave replication
  • Redis Sessions node
  • Redis Cache node
  • Elastic Data Storage node

5. Environment Start Stop Scheduler - a simple weekly scheduler that helps to automatically start and stop the environment within the specified Time Zone. Installing this solution, you will drastically save hosting costs while running your dev, stage or testing environments.

We've covered here only the most popular one-click cloud hosting installations for half of the year 2021, but Cloudlets Marketplace provides much more preconfigured solutions that can be installed automatically from the dashboard.

Register for a free trial and choose the required installation among the 60+ available in the Marketplace.