Website availability and performance play a crucial role nowadays, when more and more businesses are transforming their way of working to online. Especially taking to account pandemia and lock down effects of 2020.

Well, we have to move on and provide the highly available, auto scalable, and secured solutions across Australia and New Zealand.

Cloudlets powered by Jelastic is a certified cloud hosting provider across Australia and New Zealand, supplying prepackaged and ready-to-install solutions.

One of the most popular clusterized solutions available for one click installation is  a WordPress cluster. The solution is aimed to eliminate downtime issues, improve performance and cyber security protection. And the pay-per-use pricing model makes this enterprise-level WordPress cluster more than affordable.

So why is it so crucial to run a clusterized solution instead of a standalone one? WordPress cluster was created to handle traffic load spikes or permanent high load, ensure high performance and response time, as well as cut maintenance costs. In short, the cluster provides an excellent experience for websites owners and visitors.

Cluster Installation Details

A ready-to-go template can be automatically installed with:

To install a WordPress cluster you usually need to perform plenty manual configurations, - such as uploading a WordPress package to the dashboard, application provisioning and environment configuration. So that automated install saves DevOps time, enabling them to focus on coding, not on routine manual tasks.

On Demand Scalability for Variable Loads

Hosting a WordPress clusterized package grants a possibility to automatically scale servers vertically and horizontally using specially configured triggers:

  • Low Load: platform automatically adds 1 app server node if the load is higher than 70%, and removes 1 node if the load goes below 20%
  • Medium Load adds 1 app server node if the load is higher than 50%, and removes 1 node if the load goes below 20%
  • High Load adds 2 app server nodes if the load is higher than 30%, removes 1 node if the load goes below 10%
wordpress load balancing

Such smart resource allocation makes enterprise-level WordPress hosting easy, scalable, and costs-savvy.

Automated DevOps Pipeline

What about dev teams and collaboration? It is also covered with the following options:

  • Easy provisioning of staging sites for making changes, trying new functionality and A/B testing in production
  • Team collaboration with different levels of access to the environments
  • Marketing and development teams can work in parallel and push updates independently
  • Automated continuous integration, delivery and updates without disrupting a live site
  • Simplified deployment and management via an intuitive web UI

WordPress Multisite Network

In case of running several websites, it is highly recommended to choose a WordPress multisite network than managing several different standalone WordPress websites:

  • It is easy to manage multiple sites from a single dashboard
  • It is possible to add other users as admins with limited access only to a specific site
  • It is viable to install and activate new plugins and themes for multiple sites at once
  • All the updates will be automatically applied for all network websites so that they should be performed only on master installation
  • It is possible to customize each website or blog can be customized separately thus they are not limited by unified management

Powered by Jelastic, WordPress packages at provide automated multisite network activation with domain mapping and integrated CDN.

"Jelastic is a powerful tool that doesn’t just manage and automate cloud services, it manages them all from an easy-to-use GUI panel. Many things that used to require highly-trained admins and dev-ops and took many hours of configuration, can all be done in a few clicks. Being able to do these things through automated software is not only a matter of ease, but also cost! Lots of time saved and even providing you the joy of having more options available. It is a game-changing power to do things this easily," Johnny Nguyen, WPJohnny.

To try out auto scalable WordPress hosting at 100% Australian cloud provider with local data center and technical support team - register at Cloudlets Dashboard for free. Enjoy high-availability, stable performance, full automation and truly costs-efficiency.