Whilst searching for the best cloud hosting providers in Australia, you’ll find many reviews which mostly rate affiliates of US hosting giants.

And it might be applicable for sure if your projects are stable all the time, you do not require 24/7 local support as well as don’t plan to grow. But if your project grows, it will require more hosting resources, and providers offer to migrate to double-size VMs. For sure, it costs double as well.

So how to find a local cloud hosting provider, with its own highly performed infrastructure, local support, and all this for affordable pricing?

Today we’d like to introduce Cloudlets, 100% Australian hosting provider powered by Jelastic, unique Cloud Platform, as it provides certified flexible auto scaling due to container-based infrastructure.

“Now our customers can go to market faster with a proven PaaS platform on top of a resilient infrastructure. Our intention is to provide local developers and project owners with the efficient world-class cloud technology from a fully Australian owned and run company, giving more freedom of choice instead of lock-in to cloud giants,” said Will Kruss, CEO of Cloudlets.

From now on developers can easily create, test and run their projects in production with an advanced and user-friendly cloud platform. This provides flexibility in terms of technology (Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, .NET, Go, Docker, Kubernetes), project types (cloud-native and legacy, microservices and monoliths), scaling (vertical and horizontal on container and infrastructure level), automation (built-in tools and open API for extra integrations), and pricing (pay per use model based on consumption).

Technical details:

Location of data center: Australia

Infrastructure: Supermicro

CPU type: Intel Xeon E5-2698 v3 CPUs

Channel speed:: Download 367.88 Mbit/s and Upload 89.67 Mbit/s

Backup: Included

Free resources: 10GB disk space

Pricing: dynamic and fixed

Cloudlets provides certified flexible auto scaling due to container-based infrastructure. The cloud platform actually measures resources in special units called cloudlets (funny, isn’t it - Cloudlets is a cloud hosting company name, and cloudlets are resources), which provide you with a superior granularity while scaling. A cloudlet is roughly equivalent to 128 MiB RAM and 400Mhz CPU core.

With Cloudlets intuitive UI, you can quickly deploy your applications to the cloud platform without a necessity to perform any complex configurations.

There are two types of cloudlets available: reserved and dynamic.

  • The Reserved ones are used to define the amount of resources you expect your application will certainly consume and you pay for them irrespective of actual usage. However, they are charged with lower price compared with dynamic ones.
  • Dynamic cloudlets defines the amount of resources your application can access, based on necessity. You pay for them only in the case of real consumption.

Automatic vertical scaling is performed within the confines of the stated dynamic cloudlets number. You are able to choose your scalability limits with the appropriate settings and, in such a way, effectively put caps on the budget you are ready to spend, preventing unexpected or high bills. To check the comparison between AWS and Cloudlets pricing, please refer here.

Have any questions? Just contact us and unveil more how to start using the platform.

Cloudlets provide FREE TRIAL for all customers from Australia to test the cloud platform. What is more, we can assist with migration of your projects for free on demand.