Do you plan to launch your own online store? PrestaShop free e-commerce platform is the ideal option then, as it is an efficient and innovative solution with all the features you need to create an online store and grow your business.

It is an easy to use and ready-to-go solution that requires a minimum of modules and provides high-quality templates.

Within Cloudlets cloud hosting you can install this e-commerce platform automatically and easily set up scaling when your store grows. Check out a few simple steps to get your online store up and running.

PrestaShop Installation

Sign in to Cloudlets account, open the Marketplace, and find the PrestaShop application. Click Install to proceed.

Now change the Environment name if required, and click Install.

In a couple of minutes your PrestaShop platform will be online. Press Open in Browser in case you'd like to go shopping with demo data.

Or you can fill in the store with real data via the Admin panel using the provided credentials (you'll receive the email as well).

PrestaShop Admin Panel Protection

In order to protect sites against brute forcing attempts, the Admin panel URL that is displayed within the successful installation window can be used only once.

The default /admin part is going to be changed on the fly to a randomly generated name after the first access to the Admin panel.

Before entering the admin panel, you can see the admin directory under webroot in the Configuration File Manager.

After accessing the Admin panel, the store’s engine generates new directory name instead of the default admin and redirects request to a new URL.

You can rename this folder, to make the URL more user-friendly and easy to remember. Use any title except for the /admin. For example /admin-secure.

That's all! To try it out and install Prestashop in the cloud - just register free at

And stay tuned - in the next article we'll unveil how to create and bind a custom domain to the shop and enable SSL traffic encryption.