2020 appeared to be quite challenging, isolating, and pretty hard. But behind every challenge new opportunities are hidden - that’s why those offline businesses who transformed into online rapidly not only survived, but also closed the year with high revenues.

We gather some stats from Cloudlets Australia cloud hosting usage in 2020, analyzing most popular software stacks, databases and technologies used and are ready to share these insights.

Cloud Hosting Customers

And first stats to be shared are cloud hosting customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Digital agencies got 36%, individual web developers 30%, eCommerce owners 23%, local startups 8% and enterprises got 3%.

Programming Languages Used

The next graph is stats for programming languages used.

Currently, the platform provides support of PHP (52%), Java (29%) #Python (15%), Ruby (3%), Node.js (2%), .NET and Go programming languages.

Application Servers

32% of Cloudlets users install Apache PHP; 27% choose LiteSpeed, 12% goes for Tomcat and Nginx gets 13%. Other servers (LEMP & LLSMP, Node.js, GlassFish, WildFly, Spring Boot, NGINX Ruby, TomEE, Jetty, Apache Ruby, Golang, etc) share the rest 16%.

Database Servers

Here MySQL wins the database servers race with its 50%. MariaDB got 21% and PostgreSQL - 16% and the rest 13% goes to Percona, Redis, MongoDB & Couchbase.


Cloudlets platform is based on containers. Users can choose between two container templates types:

  • Certified images pre-configured and integrated to the Cloudlets platform out-of-the-box
  • Custom images from Public Docker Hub, Docker Engine, Kubernetes Cluster or own private repositories

As preconfigured containers do not require manual configurations, they appear to be a top choice among Cloudlets customers, gaining 81%. The remaining 19% are divided between Docker Hub, Docker Engine, and Kubernetes.

Preconfigured One-Click Installations

The platform provides a wide variety of preconfigured packaged solutions within the Marketplace ready to be installed in just a single click.

The most popular applications, add-ons and clusters chosen by Cloudlets Australia customers are:

  • WordPress (Cluster and Standalone Kits)
  • Magento (Standalone and Auto Scalable Cluster)
  • Let’s Encrypt Free SSL
  • Rocket.Chat
  • Traffic Distributor
  • Jira Software
  • Environment Start/Stop Scheduler
  • MySQL/MariaDB Cluster

So here're the main stats!

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