Ghost is a full-stack, free modern publishing platform that is powered by Node.js based engine.The platform is popular due to its easy and intuitive interface, so that customers can enjoy managing their blogs without any effort or complicated settings.

Check how to install and host Ghost blogging system automatically at in a few clicks.

Deploy Ghost App to Node.js Environment

1. First, log in to Cloudlets dashboard, open the Marketplace,

find the Ghost within the Applications section and click Install.

Or import the manifest from GitHub using the link:

2. Wait for a couple of minutes while your environment is created. You’ll see the pop up notifying about successful installation (you’ll also receive it via email).

Press Open in Browser to browse welcome page with default blogs.

Create Owner Account for Ghost Blogging Platform

Now when your Ghost application is installed, you can create an owner account to start posting within the platform. Just click the link in the email or in the successful installation window.

Now click Create your account

Fill in all the fields within the second step and click Last step: Invite your team.

You invite your team, if required, or skip this step via clicking “I’ll do this later..” (if can be done from the Ghost admin panel any time.

After this step you’ll be forwarded to the Admin Panel.

That’s all!

So you can create and publish your posts easily,  enjoying the complete functionality of Ghost blogging platform in the cloud. Try it out for free at